Gullah/Geechee Translation of: Carry, Carrying, Carries, Carried

To paraphrase Rakim–the emcee supreme himself–“it’s been a long time; I shouldn’ta left you without a Gullah word to rep you!” Pardon my delay–start of spring semester was hectic–but drum roll today’s Gullah Word of the Day is/are… ‘tote’ & ‘cyeh’! 🙌🏿

The reason I’m presenting these words as a pair is because they are interchangeable in the language. To ‘tote’ literally means to ‘carry’ & ‘cyeh’ is phonologically ‘carry.’ 💡

See pic post for examples of use in Gullah sentences. Also, ❤ & share this post, as well as comment with how you would say ‘tote’ (or ‘cyeh’) in your own non-“standard English” language(s). #weoutchea #gullah #geechee #harvard | 📚🍎


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