Gullah/Geechee Aesop’s Fables: De Bigyai Lil’ Dawg an Ee Bone

Storytelling is integral to everyday Gullah/Geechee life, culture, & even the preservation of our speech. Growing up a preacher’s kid, most of the lessons I learned were taught to me via parables, allegories, & fables like the stories of Aesop. Which made the Little Golden Book collection by Richard Scarry resonate with me even more when I was little, affection that stays with me today as nostalgia.

It is with that inspiration that I have translated some of Aesop’s fables using the illustrations of Scarry’s LGB series for a new generation of kids to see/hear many of the stories unlike they’ve heard before, in the Gullah/Geechee language!

My mind would’ve been blown as a child to hear these stories in class told with the voice I heard them at home. I hope my series has the same affect on kids today, looking for themselves in the curriculum to connect. Check it out & share with friends! #weoutchea #gullah #geechee #aesop #storytelling #littlegoldenbooks #nostalgia #harvard #sharethis | 📚🍎🌞


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