#ProjectTeach: Gardner Pilot Academy

Sunn m’Cheaux & Gardener Pilot Academy scholars, first #ProjectTeach class of fall 2019. #weoutchea

First fall 2019 class of Harvard’s Project Teach, done! I had a blast with the bright young scholars of Gardener Pilot Academy. Remember what else we talked about, class… life is a ‘choose your own adventure’ story; our choices are how we turn the pages. Mi gladdee fa meet oona! (I’m happy to meet you!) 🙌🏿 #weoutchea #gullah #geechee #harvard | gullahteacha.com

If you’re a teacher and your students rush to write on your chalk board on their way out, messages like this are what you’re grateful to see… tenki 🙂 #weoutchea


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