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Harvard Gullah Teacha Invited to Lecture at University of the Bahamas #weoutchea

Remember a few weeks ago I told y’all I had some exciting news for you but couldn’t share it at the time? Well, it’s time… BIM! I’m profoundly honored to be invited by University of The Bahamas to be their 14th Annual Anatol Rodgers Memorial Lecturer & visiting scholar. If you’re unfamiliar with Anatol Rodgers, she was an academic trailblazer in the Bahamas whose memorial lecturers include such esteemed speakers as the renowned poet, playwright, professor, & social activist Sonia Sanchez. For me to be in their company for such a respected university & highly regarded figure is truly humbling. Moreover, the direct kinship between Gullah and Bahamian people makes this even more special to me than what I can adequately express. I can’t wait to share my stay there with y’all, daily. Meanwhile, #Gullah #Geechee people, stand up! #weoutchea❤️💛💚

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