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Gullah Comes to Harvard: Tenki, Dr Mugane!

As you may have already heard via my other social media pages, in fall 2017 I became a proud member of Harvard University’s ALP (African Language Program), teaching Gullah for the first time in the history of the institution (est. 1636)… but the purpose of this post is not about my achievement.

I just want to be sure that in all of my jubilee, that I share with you all for what this means to us, I also honor both my program director, Dr John Mugane, and every individual member of ALP.

Seldom am I one to be at a loss of words, but I cannot truly convey the depth of community, camaraderie, professionalism and possibilities abound that I’ve experienced in Harvard’s ALP… all under the guidance, leadership, and ‘kinship’ of Dr John Mugane.

Gullah was added as a Harvard course after this wall art in ALP’s hallway was completed. From the very first time I saw it, I’ve been envisioning Gullah added to among the other languages on these walls. It’s a thought that inspires me as I do my best to be at my best “fo da cultcha.” I have no doubt this too shall come to pass.

Thank you, Dr Mugane (ALP). It’s an honor to reciprocate the honor that you’ve bestowed upon me and my Gullah/Geechee culture/people, as well.#weoutchea