#ProjectTeach: Edison K8

One of the most complicated parts of learning the Gullah/Geechee language for non-native speakers is the word/sound ‘ee.’ Which can be used in place of virtually any antecedent, as every type of pronoun, be it singular or plural. Ganda disya! Shout out to the @EdisonK8School students who visited campus today with #ProjectTeach, & did quite…

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Ebadid (Evadid)

‘Ebadid’ (evadid) is a Gullah adverb that essentially means ‘always’ or ‘have/has ever.’ The spelling of ‘ebadid’ may alternate the ‘B’ & ‘V’ to denote its various pronunciations in different regions of the #Gullah #Geechee corridor. Peep disya! #weoutchea http://gullahteacha.com

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Mi Kyaa Dun #teacherlife

Up at dayclean: thesis committee member for a brilliant student, giving feedback on their midterm presentation via livestream, then off to teach my morning #Gullah BA class, followed by my Jamaican Patois AA class, & Jamaican Patois BA (not counting my Gullah AA class). Woi! Lonnng day, but mi kyaa dun.💪🏾🌞 #weoutchea #geechee #teacherlife @harvard…

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Protecting Gullah Culture: Images

(excerpt from ‘Protecting Gullah Culture’ by Victoria Hansen for @SCPublicRadio – SEP 27, 2019) The Language – Sunn M’Cheaux’s long locs sway as he shares his story at the Penn Center on Saint Helena Island. He too was raised in a Gullah community, in Mount Holly, and remembers being shamed in school for speaking the native language…

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