Deconstructing ‘Guh’

A common #Gullah/#Geechee word that’s also found throughout the Black diaspora in languages such as #Naijá (#Nigeria) and various Caribbean creoles is “guh.” Though conditions of colonialism were (are) ugly, us descendants of displaced Africans having common vocab across the globe is a beautiful bond that I cherish. Unnu kem pree dis! #weoutchea #harvard

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Wah, Weh & sometimes Wi (Wih)

In our #Gullah/#Geechee language ‘wah’ & ‘weh’ often sound indistinguishable to the unfamiliar ear, but, as in Jamaican #Patois (wi, wih), grammatical context distinguishes an adverb from a pronoun or conjunction, etc. Sound complicated? Nuh t’all. Peep disya! #weoutchea #krakteet #language

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Gullah/Geechee Doublespeak

If a Gullah/Geechee person sukteet and tells you “Yuh bedda den me,” we DO NOT think you’re better than us… matter of fact, we might even think ya dumb! Welcome to the wonderful world of doublespeak in the Gullah language, where what we say is the opposite of what we mean. Check dis out! #weoutchea…

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